Quest People Solutions

Our Approach


We work exclusively and usually on a retained basis with our clients. We are proud of our reputation for adding value and in helping our clients ‘get it right’.

Whether you’re an employer or a candidate, we’re committed to delivering you the highest quality service. How do we achieve this? By offering consultative, personal and expert advice. It’s how we ensure success and build partnerships.

We are not a high transaction agency. That is, we’re not into high volume, low service business. It’s the exact opposite. We pride ourselves on our ‘low volume, high service’ approach. As a result we guarantee our service because of the faith in our knowledge, quality systems and processes.

For employers we focus on adding value by building a deep understanding of your business. We don’t hard sell or ‘flick’ unsolicited resumes - rather we objectively consult and advise using our many years experience in corporate consulting.

For candidates we proactively work with you to determine your career options. We can target and approach companies that are right for you and ensure total confidentiality throughout the process.

We use our experience to advise and consult. We go well beyond simply finding a quick fix to an urgent vacancy. Studies show that there is a poor understanding of the link between a sound recruitment strategy and employee retention and performance. Many companies still seek to select on technical skills but then terminate for lack of cultural fit. At QUEST we focus our clients on the importance of assessing both the hard and soft skills. Technical skills can be learned, but personality, motivation and values are ingrained. It is critical to get the cultural fit right and be prepared to train where some technical gaps may be.

Our approach focuses on rigorous sourcing and assessment processes and comprehensive documentation. We pride ourselves on pursuing best practice methodologies. It’s what clients tell us sets us apart. We ask lots of deep and searching questions so we get to understand your business, culture, values, management style, business drivers, pressures and strategic direction. The more we work with you the better we work for you.