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For Candidates


Career Management / Counselling

A successful career begins with clarity in your career direction. In an increasingly global and complex world individuals have to become more self reliant and proactive in managing their careers. QUEST works with participants to understand what you are good at, what you value and what motivates you. Clearly understanding your expertise, talents, values, interests, motivators and personal circumstances is critical before you make choices about career direction and marketing yourself to prospective job opportunities.

Resume Preparation

A quality resume is the key marketing tool for job seekers. Its purpose is to open doors, create interest and market you into an interview. To prepare the most effective resume you need to know what it is, what it is not and how you will use it. The average resume is scanned in 20 seconds or less before a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ decision. QUEST works with participants in personal one-on-one sessions to identify the key components for the resume. With our many years of experience reviewing hundreds or resumes each week we guide you to build a resume that will maximise your chances of being in the ‘Yes’ pile.

Interview Training

Most unsuccessful interviews can be traced to lack of preparation – not lack of qualifications or technical skills. Like many things in life success depends on the quality of your preparation. Have you ever seen a successful actor on stage who doesn’t know their lines? Interview success depends on you demonstrating you CAN DO (have the technical skills and expertise); WILL DO (have the desire, passion and motivation); and WILL FIT (the culture, values and management style of the company). You have to differentiate yourself from other qualified candidates and you only get one chance. QUEST fully prepares you including taking you through interview role plays. We explain the types of interviews, how to manage your image, body language, communication, the questions you can expect and how to respond.

Introductions to Targeted Companies

QUEST often acts as an introductory service for certain individuals, proactively marketing you to select companies. We assess your key knowledge, experience and skills, motivators, values, career aspirations and your marketability then work with you to identify potential target companies. We then directly contact these target companies, as agreed by you and QUEST and maintain your anonymity until interest is confirmed. In so doing we totally protect and preserve your confidentiality. Professionally ensuring confidentiality is something we take very seriously and is a key element appreciated by executives that we work with. We provide this service to executives looking for job opportunities in WA whether they are locally based, interstate or overseas.